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GAMEBOY ADVANCE Roms, Emulators & Games

gameboy advance roms gba sp romThe latest GBA Flash Card & Linkers sey EZ2 'PowerStar', offers greatly improved battery life. EZ-Flash 2 (aka EZ2 or EZII) is the latest next generation linker kit for the Gameboy Advance and Gameboy Advance SP. Many new features have been aded to theis new EZ Cart including Realtime Clock Support (RTC), built-in Cheat support (Supports EmuCheat's CHT format and Virtual Boy Advanced cheatcode format), supports hardware EEPROM & Flash save types (no emulation!) and a new soft reset function (lets you return to the menu at any time, no need to reset console!)

Pokemon Emulator -- or all systems and games from GameBoy to Wii. PoKeMoN Blue, Red & Yellow Pika. Download emulator for Pokemon Gold & Silver. Now with Nintendo DS, DSi and soon with the new 3DS support!

Come to KLKemu to donload Gameboy Advance color games. Gameboy advance roms GBA SP Eemulator. Cheats for roms games. Rom tools. GB colour downloads. GBASP emu. Pokemon emulators nintendo gameboy codes for free zelda game harry potter juegos de gameboy yu gi oh new emulador emuladores. Play gameboy spiele walkthrough online visual gameboy buy java golden sun gameboy player. Zelda yugioh gameboy new gameboy advance palm walkthrough cheap romz review golden sun camera afterburner.

New Flash2Advance Ultra sets and Extreme FlashAdvance sets at Succes-HK
Now you can buy 1G and 512M carts sets which come with the F2A USB Linker.

There is also a new cart set called the Extreme FlashAdvance which has a new unique feature of connecting the cable via mini USB port in the actual cart and not a seperate linker or via GBA as before:

    - Internal USB control chip, no need for additional writer
    - Ultra fast writing speed. Erase and write full 256Mbit card only need 260 seconds
    - Newest power saving Flashrom, Saving 60% battery energy
    - Internal realtime clock - RTC
    - Hardware support 1Mbit Flash save type

The only bad thing about Extreme Flash Advance is that it can not be used for backuping your original games. This is done so that there is no way for Nintendo to say that EFA can be used for creating illegal rom mages, but guess what - people will find these iages on the net and use them anyhow so I think it is still better to have a linker that can be sued for both writin files to the cartridge and backuping gba rom data from the game cartridges. You can find out more about both these carts and also order them from Success

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Download Nintendo DS, SNES, NES, GBA, DSi and 3DS Final Fantasy Emulators for PC.

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